Why hello there weary traveler,

If your journey has led you here, then it be music submissions you seek

And if your looking to give us some music suggestions, then I one more journey for you to partake.

Please! We need talent!

We need local talent and lots of if for our upcoming battle of the bands so if you are from a band, or happen to know one who would like to perform please let us know. And we understand that travelers need money but don't worry, its free to play and attend.

Any bands wanting to perform can submit their music through the form below by tagging it as BHS.  

We will only accept music submissions in the form of MP3 or WAV uploaded here on our website.


Music will be reviewed and if approved, added to WUMD favorites time slot rotation.


For music to be put on rotation, it MUST be tagged with the following items:

  1.  Artist or Band Name

  2.  Album

  3. Year of Release

  4. Genre 

If applicable, please send an email with your song's lyrics to pd@wumd.org.

After clicking submit with the details, you will be redirected to the upload page.

Submission Details


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